Redcoat Antiques which is run by Ian and Wendy Stacey of Sleepy Hollow, Illinois offer a selection of fine quality British Antiques with a focus on Militaria, Scientific Instruments, Framed Prints and Oils and Portrait Miniatures, as well as a range of English brass, copper and pewter. They also specialize in Antique Dolls and Doll Accessories. – “Our aim is to offer a diversified and interesting cross section of antiques with an emphasis on providing historical detail on each item




Ian and Wendy have been running their business since 1995 following their retirement from the Computer Business, Ian in Management and Wendy in Programming. They both have had a lifetime enthusiasm for history and antiques and their selection of items often reflects their own personal interests. Ian’s interest in Militaria also reflects his earlier career as a professional serving officer in The British Royal Air Force. – “We never buy anything unless we really like it ourselves and this criterion has served us well in our selection of items to offer.”